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RegioGraph 2013 (version 13), service pack 3

Keep your software up-to-date by downloading the latest service pack for RegioGraph 2013 (version 13).

Download service pack 3

Download the service pack for your version of RegioGraph and install it with all administrator rights by right-clicking the file and selecting "Run as administrator". The download is approximately 17 MB.

Release date: May 23, 2014

The service pack includes the following corrections and improvements:

Important bug fixes:

The following errors have been RESOLVED:    

  • In previous versions of the software, incorrect results were sometimes given in the case of calculations involving column statistics (e.g., ABC categories, rankings, formulas). This has been resolved.
  • In isolated cases, zooming into a RegioGraph map resulted in the disappearance of the displayed image, which required closing RegioGraph via the Task Manager.
  • When undoing column entries in a layer table, isolated errors sometimes occurred in the linked layout tables (on the worksheets).
  • An error resulted when undoing the deletion of a layer from the worksheet and the project.
  • Errors resulted when users saved settings for symbol displays, loaded them in another project file, used them in that project for another map and then saved them.
  • Under certain circumstances, individual map layers were not shown when incorrectly saved in the draw cache.  
  • In certain cases, a project file was damaged after repeatedly and consecutively hiding layer objects on a map.
  • Under certain circumstances, an incorrect file name was applied when saving a project layer in the map library (*.lay).
  • The "Update Maps" command caused problems when a layer's metadata had been previously changed.
  • Adjusting the length of text columns (via the column properties) that included formulas or linked information sometimes resulted in an application error.
  • When executing saved text-based geocoding procedures (*.txt files via an *.imp file), data was sometimes incorrectly transferred.

Performance improvements:

  • When executing the layer simplification command in the editor, a progress bar indicating the duration of the process is now shown. 
  • The storage capacity for the "Calculate Substitutes" command has been expanded. This makes it possible to calculate very complex scenarios (i.e., many substitute locations, with many objects).

The service pack also includes many additional minor improvements and error corrections.