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What's new in RegioGraph?

An overview of the most important new features of RegioGraph is provided below. All versions of RegioGraph include the latest digital maps and comprehensive, up-to-date data on potential, such as purchasing power and information on inhabitants and households.

Import and geocoding feature

  • You can now import your data into RegioGraph by dragging and dropping it into your project. The data is automatically recognized and imported correctly.
  • International geocoder: The software now also offers street segment-level geocoding for Chile, Argentina, Colombia and India.
  • IP geocoder: An integrated IP geocoder allows you to gauge the resonance and regional impact of advertising campaigns directly on a map. Display the geographic origin of your web traffic and then use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing campaigns.


  • Web Viewer: You can now make maps and data available for viewing, navigating and searching on the smartphone, tablet or mobile device of your choice. Created maps are exported as Web applications that you can access from your preferred Web browser.


  • Dynamic report creation: RegioGraph 2015 delivers reports as multi-page worksheets. This allows you to make adjustments prior to exporting PDFs. You can also save the worksheet(s) as a template for future editing.
  • Table of contents generation: RegioGraph lets you assign hierarchical relationships to text fields. This means the software can automatically create a table of contents.
  • Huff model calculation: A new feature allows you to evaluate “what if” scenarios using the integrated Huff model.

Software interface

  • Visualization dialog: You can now adjust and format fonts in a single area, and easily toggle between color and legend settings. You can also freely position scales, legends and north arrows on the map.
  • Adjustable default designs: The new software version allows you to select from among various background map designs and then reduce or increase the map detail according to your preferences.
  • Multilingual installation version: RegioGraph 2015 is now multilingual. The software currently includes both an English and German language interface that can be effortlessly toggled.

... and much more:

transposable worksheet-tables, direct PDF export, cut feature now available in editor, linking of table data possible with dedicated menu option, etc.

RegioGraph - New additions